Planning Talk by Ms. Alison Brown



Ms. Alison Brown giving her talk. In front of her is Dr. Rustam,
Head of Department for Dept. Urban & Regional Planning

I attended a talk on planning today. The talk was presented by Ms. Alison Brown from Cardiff University. The talk separated into three parts – ‘Planning for London‘, discussion on planning in KL & London, followed by ‘Urban Policies & The Right to The City‘.

An interesting talk. And there are some important points that had been raised through this 2-hours talk.

Planning for London

In this part, Ms. Alison Brown explained the development of London starting from its history, the mayors, as well as the existing and future projects. I feel impressed with the development of Dockland and London Heathrow Terminal 5 where these projects could give a significant impact to their surroundings although facing some critics at their early stages. One more – she mentioned about the use of ‘space syntax’ in the pedestrianization in Trafalgar Squares in order to increase pedestrian movements. Something new for me 🙂

Discussion: Planning in KL & London

KL & London basically got some similarities in term of planning ideas however there are some key differences especially when dealing with the authority that manages the development of the city. It brought us to planning & politics in Malaysia where in some places – politicians are the one who determine the development, not the planners. The part of National or Local Plan had been followed – in case it’s in conjunction with the political agenda. Well, that’s fact. Some other points quite related to politics such as the Mayor’s position – the one that should be elected by the people, not been chosen by any party.

The Right to The City

This part is quite complicated (for me). Ms. Alison Brown also involved in UNESCO programs and.. about this thing.. maybe I have to read more about this. But it’s interesting where (from my understanding) we humans have to give the right to the city so the city could provide us with a better living environment. So there are some sort of policies and projects to reach the objectives that is for the better urban future. Maybe you have something to say about this, just surf to UN-HABITAT forums and join the forum there.


Actually I rushed to the talk in order to get the seat but there were a lot more chairs than people until the end of the talk. I realized that attending seminar & talks is a great way to enhance the add-on values in myself so that’s what I wanna implement in myself right now. Well, I was too afraid to say something, asking questions or giving any opinions so I believe attending more seminars & talks will make me used to it and be more brave when discussing or giving my opinions.

Gsoh. It’s long! Btw, there is a talk on Economic Revolution on Dirham & Dinar on this coming Tuesday (10th Nov 2009)  but I have final paper on that day. Well, maybe next time.

I’m creating a new hobby for myself – Attending talks & seminars! How is it? 😛

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