Plan, plan and plan again


omg. it’s quite a long time.

it’s quite hard to take some time as the preparation of layout plan made my head stuck. maybe it’s easy for some people but for me, i have to put my great effort in order to make something done.

and yes, i managed to finish it.

the time i submit the layout plan to the supervisor, i talked to myself “yeha.. time to relax!! :keh: ”

but i was wrong.

bro zahir suddenly called me and.. “..proceed your layout plan with sketchup”

uh.. what?? :argh:

two layout plan had been chosen. mine and Mirahida’s. both of our layout plans will be projected into 3D with Google Sketchup and simulated with Sim City, maybe. and one layout plan will be transferred into model.

in addition, both of us will present or layout plans on the Portfolio Day.

great. more works to come šŸ™„

oh yeah.. this what i had done with Sketchup. a 5 minute work. tak lawa. haha :tongue:

i’m still on my way exploring a lot of new things and now i agree with what my senior said – urp is happening! šŸ˜›

and now i have to fix my layout plan because it contains some mistakes. and then do the sketchup, sim city, model, present and.. uh.. stressed!!! :banghead:

well.. it’s life.. and sometimes we got no choice šŸ™„

sorry my beloved friends for not visiting your blogs. i really want to visit yours but there ara tons of works to do. ugh.

thanks for leaving your comment at my posts.

till fingers meet the keys.

see ya! šŸ˜‰

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