PayPerPost v4.0 Now Live!

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This post sponsored by PayPerPost.

Have you ever know about PayPerPost – where you will be paid for posting entries at your blog?

For those who already know about PayPerPost, you have to know that PayPerPost v4.0 is now live! And for those who not, you better check this out and know what PayPerPost is all about.

PayPerPost is a suitable place for advertisers who want to spread the words and bloggers who want to earn some cash from blogging.


I joined PayPerPost since V3.0 and from the first impression, V4.0 is really different from the previous version. To be specified, it’s better than V3.0. Systematic management, cool design and user-friendly interface. Awesome.

The amazing thing is you can determine the price per word and price per link when adding new blog to the site. You don’t have to wait for your blog to be approved.  You just have to wait if there is any offer for your blog after you had submitted the blog. Make sure you submit suitable blog such as English-based blog and blog with good PageRank.


You can also see Help Topics on the sidebar if you want to see questions and answers related to PayPerPost.If you feel that you have common questions about PayPerPost in your mind, I suggest you read first the frequently asked questions here.

I’m actually waiting for PayPerPost to provide a list of opportunities that will be visible to bloggers so there is a chance of getting more offers by approach our blogs to the advertisers. Maybe they will launch it later, I hope.

If you want to earn cash from blogging, PayPerPost v4.0 is a suitable place for you. Don’t forget to take a look and you will understand why PayPerPost had amazed me!

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