Paying The Price


Life is about making decisions. There are causes and effects. And we have to face the consequences for what we’d done. Same as checking examination result after struggling during semester, checking results in life is like seeing the answers for every puzzles and questions as we keep moving on as:

pay the price means: to accept the unpleasant results of what you have done.

And in fact we’re always looking for answers in our life. Some people waiting for results to happen while some immediately looking for it. At certain point we will realize that our life and the life itself is something that had been planned. Systematically. By a power which beyond the time and age.

We have to pay the price for what we’d done whether it’s a positive or negative one. For example you have to pay USD5 for a meal and the same concept goes in the real life. If you choose to be a boogieman, you will have to pay the price for it, for sure. Or if you choose the right way and spare your life for good deeds, you also have to pay the price.

And I take myself for example. I love blogging and I want to make money with it. So what I have to pay for it? I have to spend my time for blogging, writing content, lurking traffic and yada yada. I have to do this and this is what I get from my choice. And then I have two options – to struggle or just relax in doing this. And yes, I have to pay different price for different choice.

Remember that you have to pay different price for different choices and things that you want to do. In this article, I use “your choices” as “what you have done” in the meaning above. And “what you have to do” for “to accept the unpleasant results”. Means that in getting something that you want or any decision that you choose, you have to do your effort according to it.

Life is going on. Keep on moving and make the right decision in your life!

* What’s going on in the picture? Yep. My dad bought me a Nokia C3. Thanks dad!

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