with books in library

there’s a lot of things in this world, as you can see.

some of those things make us happy – some of them not. some of them just happen in a sec, and some of them change our life.

talk about life, yea. i got a new life.

so what?

change yourself. change your lifestyle

what?? :confused:
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saving money is a good thing. yes, i know that.

sincerely, i seldom thinking about these saving things. i got the budget from mom and dad and – just spend it! haha 😈

but now it’s become a very very very important thing for me (and my studio-mates) to think about it.

you know why?

flying to overseas for our study purpose. 🙄
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well.. it’s started.itstarted

the time has come and no one will argue about it. what’s that? aha – the new semester.

it’s hard to say, but i feel half-nervous while entering this world of my new life. the heavy projects, the killer subjects, the pressuring lecturers – all of them sucked into my mind when i came back to this home of knowledge and virtue.

but i believe you know – sometimes human makes mistake by thinking negatively. so did I.
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Hi! and hi.. and hi.. welcome to AloneinHome.com

actually, this is not the first time i build a blog. i used blogspot for a year and sincerely, i found many new things and met many friends. so wonderful 😀

but it’s old story.. now i’m with the new one 😉
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