uh. finally. it’s time to make some updates.

busy days, study life, ton of assignments and bla, bla, bla – uh. so exhausting.

and it’s really really impossible for me to be a daily blogger. isk3 :isk:

anyway, it’s life.

oh yeah.. hm.. what i gonna write aa..? :question:

ok. let’s share what had happened.

here we go 😉
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just got back from the group discussion.

uh. i’m so tired :tired:

tomorrow is the Ta’aruf Day for 1st year student of Urban & Regional Planning. so i have to sleep early. uh.

but i gonna write something before i’m going to bed so i can have a great mood to sleep 😎

yeah, study-life in campus is really interesting. i see a lot of people from variable places. i met many people with different attitudes, including my studio-mates.

some people really have talent in doing task, individually.

well, how about working in group? :think:
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yay! at last. AloneinHome.com had been upgraded to WordPress 2.6!! :party:

Alhamdulillah 😉

I still new in using WordPress and started AloneinHome.com with WordPress 2.5.1

Suddenly, the latest version – WordPress 2.6 had been released.

“oh no. what should i do??” :confused:
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anwar-shabery debate
I watched the debate between Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Datuk Seri Shabery Cheek last night. People crowded at the cafe and it was the big crowd i ever seen (at the cafe)

The debate entitled “Hari ini membentuk kerajaan, esok turun harga minyak” (“Today we form the Government, tomorrow the fuel prices will go down) is a big chance for me to watch the rarely seen live debate on tv, since i had watched a lot of debate contest between students and last night, it was a ‘real’ debate.

The debate is so interesting and i love to watch both debaters backing their points with facts and sometimes, humour.

So what? :mean:

it was a lesson 🙂
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Presentation day. uh.

Sometimes you have to prepare yourself for something important, or you’re dead meat.

Today.. er.. yesterday (cos it’s already near 3 a.m) was the presentation day for Project 1. It’s the 1st presentation for studio-life in Gombak and like usual, I feel nervous when I do something new 😮

Well, it was a half-horrible day :sighing:
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