Back again.

It’s actually a few months before I made my way into this site again. Again and again – I guess I sometimes focusing on commercial blogging too much.

By the way I took a look at Amazon bestsellers products. Well – which product that people love to buy on Amazon? Let’s see some of #1 bestseller products until this date!
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Post image for Walking Towards The Edge

I don’t know how many times I lay my hand on the keyboard just to write this first paragraph and thanks God – I’m doing it. It’s like getting and losing at the same time from nowhere. This is very critical – as I’m currently walking towards the edge.
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Post image for 5 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Motivation

One of the largest challenges in meeting any goal, whether or not it be related to productivity, waking early, changing a habit, exercising, or simply becoming happier, is finding the motivation to stay with it. Believe it or not, there are a number of little-known factors that could affect your motivation. It might reside within you – but you never realize it until this moment! Let’s see 5 of them.
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Post image for Reinvention in Life

Life is interesting, right?

I still remember the moment I started this blog back in 2008. I look back at my posts and laugh myself. The lesson that I learn is – life always change. And time changes people!
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Post image for Positive Thinking: Time To Move On!

I have a bad personal nature – always worrying for nothing. I always feel worry without reason and that is the major factor that let my motivation down. And as the results – there are a lot of things undone and in the end of the day, I’m the one who suffer the loss.

But not anymore.
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