Hi there! :wave:

I watched jackass 2.5 last night and omg.. I don’t want to watch it again :madtongue:

so what’s up?

giving present is a type of compliment and courage to the others :gift:

and today, I’ll give awards to the blogs under some categories. These awards not been given to make the blogger over-proud, but as a compliment for them to write more interesting entries for the readers.

and as far as I concern, this is my personal awards for them. hehe 😀

Let’s see who are they 😉
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“Am I think before I do something?”
“Am I did the wrong things today?”
“Am I regret of what I’d done?”

These questions keep running in my head, especially while waiting my eyes to close down at night.

Life is full of choices, we have to choose them.

Think, observe, then think again, again, again, and again.

Before you regret.
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I was feeling sleepy reading the notes :hypnotized: , so I do some blog walking. There’s a lot of interesting blogs and entries over the net and sincerely, some blogs and entries had opened my mind and influenced my life.

I’m actually want to write about something else, however I love to write a review about a blog that had inspired me in blogging life and enhoy the blog-o-sphere.

tadaaa.. introducing – Aeropama.com :party:
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again. busy days avoiding me from frequently updating AloneinHome.com :isk:

but it’s ok.. at least i have time to write entries 😉

yesterday, i joined KaedStage with my studio-mates. we presented a sitcom entitled.. er.. i think there’s no title.. but it’s about a panda who willing to join the ‘KAED next top model’ (sounds funny, hehe). the theme is ‘Live It, Be It’ and the director is Nelza, assisted by Bobby. there’s only two teams contesting, URP and Archi and.. we won! :party: – i became Sir MJ (huhu) and some of my friends.. became.. er.. the models :giggle:

i don’t the have any pics or videos of our performance yet, maybe I’ll put them here later.

and.. wee.. i had bought a new bag 😛

just bought it at Times Square.

not so expensive. it’s just RM69. and i feel it suits me well. wo. so happy 😀

“eh.. so what the title means?”

er.. uhu. ok.. let’s go to the point 😉
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It’s a grateful thing to live and breathe in this temporarily world.

Smile, cry, pain, oppressed, depressed and bla, bla, bla become the color of this life.

I’m happy to let my fingers dancing on the keyboard again, after the terrible pain and feeling had pissed me off. A lot of things had happened. A LOT.

Sometimes we never ever realize that our life is full of challenges and obstructions.

So am I.

I’m avoiding myself from using the term ‘bad luck’ or ‘curse’ in my head, because I believe that all things happen with reasons and sometimes we had to think it back before we fell in our sleeps to get their meanings.

And i’m wanna talk about this one.

The tests.
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