busy doing works + sometimes my broadband got problem. sheesh.

and now i manage to update.

i was doing works last night, when one of my friends called me and shouted – “Anwar menang!”

well, actually i was following the updates through utusan online and harakahdaily.net

am I going to talk about the damn politic? maybe, no.

but when we talk about datuk seri anwar ibrahim, or, permatang pauh, it’s a thing that you should know.
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yeah.. at last.. i got chance to update. phew.

i and my frens are currently doing our 5th Project.

i’m currently doing some works.. but.. yeah.. i need to update! 😉

er.. actually.. the two combined titles are not related but it sounds coherent like pantun, right? hehe

i was tagged by saffawati. FaceYourManga tag, huh? sounds interesting.

ok. these are.. me.. uhu

Pic 1 : This is myself (i feel). just want to be a normal person. yeah, a lonely-felt person.

Pic 2 : Myself if i’m going out. more funky. the face should a bit happier. heheh.

Pic 3 : The ‘other’ me. Just don’t let him out.

oh no.. i x reti tagging people. hm.. saffa, i’ll do it later, ok? 😉


talking about plans, dreams, ambition.. i guess everybody have them in our life..

but – how about making it reality?
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Fingers meet the keyboard again.

And Alhamdulillah, I’m feeling better at this moment.

I’m just went back to my room and cleaned up all the messy things.

oh yeah.. i got an award a few days before :

This award was given by kak shila. Thanks kak! 😉

back to the point.

why i said that this is a different weekend?
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believe me, it’s such a hard time in my life.

and i nearly got insane. phew :sweating:

some worst days for me.

some challenges for me.

for me.
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Life is full of unpredictable events.

(i couldn’t doing works with my group mates last Saturday 🙁 )

I just woke up from my fever ‘nap’ and Alhamdulillah.. i feel better this morning. The flu and coughs also disappeared slowly but i have to finish the medicines given by the doc.

Thanks to Syam and Lenny for the message thru Twitter and comment for previous post – asking about my fever.. well, not bad 😉 but i think i might feel better enough and full recovered by tomorrow.

talking about the principles in life..

what do you understand about it? 💡
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