I’m back.

Today is 13th Ramadhan. that’s mean we had fasting for 13 days. time is so fast. one question that we should ask ourselves is – what the things that we did until this 13th day? are they good or bad deeds? did we improve ourselves?

one of my buddies says that my blog is so dull.. no colour at all! huhu T_T

so i put some nuffnang and advertlets ads just to make it more colourful besides some graphics that i’ll put in my post.

ok. i hope it becomes more colourful now 😛

well, i just want to show some pics of the 3D model that i’d done and the last presentation day on 8th September 2008.

come. check it out 😉
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I’m in cyber cafe now.

you know why? because my broadband is so slow.. and frequently disconnects.. and after 2-3 mins.. disconnects again.. omg 🙁

i want to find information about the city concepts for the new currently project. it’s an individual project. but i have to be here since my broadband got problem.

i guess i know why. i use maxis broadband – there’s no signal in gombak utara as far as i know. but sometimes it got signal and can connect to the Internet.

uh.. so sad. so sad. what can I do? change to celcom breadband? ops. broadband? uhuk2

I’ll be back later. i try what i can do.

p.s : argh!

I got this from mizzamy.com – thanks kak amy 😛

and 2nd – I’d been tagged by Uncle G T_T

well.. nevermind..

..see my answers 😉

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sheesh. just got time to update 😛

today is the 6th day of Ramadhan and 6th September. this year is unique, i think.

well, media keep talking about 16th September. 10 days more. are we going to get a new government? i don’t know. but changing the ruling government is really a big deal. and most people (my friends, in blogs that i read, forum) believes that this thing is gonna happen.. er.. except our current PM when he was talking about this in the recently 2009 Budget. yeah.. politics, everything’s possible to happen.

it’s weekend and i’m doing some 3D modelling.. the 3D model and animation and Bukit Cerakah. i’ll show u the model thing when it is complete later on.

uh. weekend should be entertaining.

i wanna be at home.
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I just arrived at my room.

Actually, I supposed to be at home until this Thursday, but I have to do some work here. I even can’t iftar with my mom and dad 🙁

btw, I’ve no choice.

oh yeah, I think it’s not too late to wish ‘Selamat Menyambut Ulangtahun Kemerdekaan Yang ke-51’ for all Malaysians and ‘Selamat Berpuasa’ for all Muslims all over the world.

u know what, i sometimes love to combine the topics in a single post and – relate them together.
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