Packing My Bag


Phew. Not updating for a long time.

And yeah, I’m packing my bag.

It’s true that I feel the semester was going too fast, but in fact there’s a lot of works & tasks done along with the things happened. Some are memorable and I believe that history is the one who make us who we are today.

I’m telling it again – I’m packing my bag.

It’s holiday again and in fact it is earlier than the previous semester where I had to wait until the end of exam week. Only one final paper (2 for some of us) for the latest semester and most of us got our freedom earlier than the others. Well, it is a heaven exam week for planning students and I feel it =)

Actually there is a program on 10th April in Bentong, Pahang but I have to go back earlier because:

  • I have to deal with the school – going to be a teacher for this coming holiday. Oh yeah. What is it called? “Temporary teacher”? “Substitute teacher”? Crap. Dunno the term (-_-)
  • Parents calling back as I stayed in campus for the whole semester. Gosh. I feel the homesick coming.

Really want to experience the program plus I never be in Bentong but I have to work. So enjoy yourselves while doing charity activities guys!

It’s a long holiday again but I hope this coming holiday will full of experiences and knowledge as I have something to do instead of blogging.

Teaching at day and blogging at night” – Mom

Well, that’s it. Happy holiday!

* Depart to Kedah tomorrow. Praying for a safe journey. Amin.

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