Orphan (2009)


I guess some of you have watched the movie Orphan which had been released in 2009. This interesting film is starred by Isabelle Fuhrman (an amazing factor for me) and other actors which are playing their role effectively in the film. To be honest, I feel a bit regret to ignore this amazing film since the first time I knew about it.

The movie Orphan tells about the story of Kate (Vera Farmiga) and John Coleman (Peter Sarsgaard) who are experiencing problems in their marriage after Kate’s third child, named “Jessica” was died before she was born. The loss of the baby gives hard time on Kate, who is still recovering from a drinking habit. They then adopt Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman), a 9 years old Russian girl who they had met at the local orphanage. The story also includes their son Daniel (Jimmy Bennett) and the little daughter Max (Aryana Engineer).

I love this movie because the plot is interesting and the ending is so unexpected. Maybe some of you will agree with me. Some people say the ending is lame but it’s OK as it depends on your opinion for the movie.

After watching the movie until the end, I read the information related to the movie and feel excited to read the interesting trivia for example about the Saarne Institute in the film (I thought it is a real institute at first).

Here are the video behind the scene of the movie:

I read about some deleted scenes and alternate ending of the movie. You can watch it here:

For me, this is a good movie although it contains some explicit scenes which I think you should avoid your little kids watching them. I hope there will be more interesting movie like Orphan being published after this.

Horror, suspense and unexpected!

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