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now and again, i’m back to update this blog. uhuh :thumbsup:

Sorry for being too long. Thanks for friends and commenters for leaving your comments. i appreciate u all! :notworthy:

now it’s time for blogging again.
it’s a week since i posted the last entry.. if i’m not mistaken.

and this time.. it’s about planning study again :tongue:

Alhamdulillah.. i had gone through two final papers, those are Fardhu ‘Ain and Tilawah II.

For Planning Studio 1 and Autocad 2D, there’s no final papers. yeha :keh:

hm.. what to write aa..?

ok. the Portfolio Day.

i think the most exhausting time is the preparation for the portfolio day. i had spent 5 nights in studio doing those things and at last, sincerely, the efforts brought satisfaction to all of us.

well, pictures can tell a lot of words, maybe.

The Preparation Nights

The works and rehearsal then come to the end when it’s the Portfolio Day.

The Portfolio Day (24th Oct 2008)

The presenter & the audiences

Standing at the right side of this pic EP JB, the guy behind the Sketchup modelling and animation.

MIrahida – the Sketchup animation and Sim City is based on her layout plan. Alhamdulillah, i don’t have to present mine (of course if i have to, it’ll brings headache until the Portfolio Day)

Our lecturers : from left Bro. Ali (supervisor), Bro SJ (studio master) and Bro Zahir (supervisor)

and this is the Sketchup animation and the snapshots of Sim City done by me and my team. the layout plan is prepared by Mirahida.

Thanks for EP JB and Anas Fahmi for the completion of this works 😀

The Sketchup Animation

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The Snapshots of SimCity

OK. that’s it. we are still amateur of this field but i think we had gave a great shot when one of the lecturer said:

“You are doing more than what we are expected. And i have nothing to say”

Well, the studio-time and classes for this semester is over. And it’s time to prepare for the final papers.

Principles of Urban & Regional Planning 1 (4 Nov 2008)
Geomatic (5 Nov 2008)
Site Planning (10 Nov 2008)

InsyaAllah, I’ll do my best.

Friends, pray for me cos I’m a little bit nervous when it comes to the examination :banghead:

My Birthday

oh yeah.. my birthday is on 23rd October 2008, and i almost forgot my own birthday as the result of too busy doing the preparation.

Happy Birthday to me!! 😎

I’m 20 years old now!! Thanks God for giving me breath until this sec and thanks also to my Mom, Dad and all of you, my beloved friends 😛

I think it’s enough. This post is full with pics, isn’t it? haha.

See ya! 😛

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