Old-School Tag by Zaza


again, i was been tagged. uhu.

this time, it’s the old-school tag by zaza

school days is full of memories, i admit it although there’s some bad things that happened at those time and sometimes make me regret or feeling lost until this sec.

anyway, this tag is interesting.

so i answer it.

haha. old-school days 😛

1) 5 bad habits when you were in your school days

* sleeping in class (haha)
* drawing while class-time
* like to jalan-jalan while prep time 🙄
* always late to class (being slapped by warden for several times 😡 )
* stay up at night for nothing

2) 3 of your favorite subjects.. why?

* English (i dunno but i love it 😛 )
* BM (friendly teacher.. hehe)
* History (i like history.. because i like stories 😛 )

3) 3 subjects that you dislike.. why?

* Mat (uh.. hu.. i’m mathematicophobia)
* Physics (.. i think it might got relation with Mat.. uhu)
* Chemistry (huhu.. the calculation of isotop.. atom.. bla2.. T_T )

4) Interesting About Me

* i was a friendly person.. i think so 😉

5) I love most..

* going home!! XD (although it’s less that 1km)

6) I can’t live without..

* my walkman XD (had to hide it in the secret place.. from wardens and frens 😛 )

7) Who did you call before you sleep at night?

* i didn’t bring my hand phone to hostel.. 😎


and like usual.. i don’t tagging others.. so feel grateful about it 😉

thanks to zaza for this old-school tag 😛

school days make me remember of who I am in the past. yeah, a lot of memories – some of them still remain in my head until today.

and i feel glad that i’m now become a product of my former school. at least, a product that can be someone – now, and in the future.

i believe with the quote – “time changes people”

for my ex-schoolmates out there, i miss u all! 😛

and yeah.. SMK Agama Baling.. i miss u too 🙂

p/s : well.. to be sincere.. sometimes i miss school days.. 🙄

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