Now or Never


I’m currently in the middle of the various works and assignments that have to be settled, one of them will be preseneted tomorrow. In addition to this, i (again) got headache. Everything’s spinning. uh. And i couldn’t answer the quiz correctly because of the pain 🙁

But I have to continue and keep working, by hook or by crook. it’s now or never.

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3 Types of Persons

I still remember what Tom (one of my colleagues) said on the way back after playing football. “In this world, there’s 3 type of persons – i mean, when they’re facing final exam”

final exam? haha 🙄 “ok. so what? what’s the 3 types? moron? clever? genius? :tongue: ”

“haha. no.. no..”

“the 1st is the person that get prepared from the starting point of the semester. no matter it’s quiz / test or not, the person’ll always be prepared. this type of person will confident in the final exam and could answer the questions perfectly. confirm A! 😛 ” (damn! i’m not the type of this person! :surprised: )

“the 2nd is the person who prefer to relax at the starting point. however, sometimes the person remember his/her duty and responsibility and sometimes has chance to be well-prepared for the final exam. yeah, the last minute study. this type of person has 50-50 chance,” (i think i’m in this type)

“the 3rd person.. ah.. u know.. never concern about the preparation even the duty and responsibility. this type of person has chance.. but chance to fail. only fate or luck can save this type of person.”

some people say that genius person can always relax. but i think the genius person always well-prepared, though.

the most important thing is – act now! don’t ever wait for the time to wait for you.

it’s now – or never.

ok guys, i’m back to work. see ya! 😛

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