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Online community such as discussion portal and forum is the best way for us to connect ourselves with other people online. I love joining forums and discussion boards as they give chance to the users to share the opinions as well as getting new knowledge such as tips and tricks on certain things. Until today, I joined various forums as I believe that joining more forums will give me exposure to more people online.

Today I found one more online community that you might please to visit and join that is Nimbz Community.

Nimbz Community is a general discussion forum that provides the medium to share and discuss various matters from business to health matters. You might find a lot of things here as it has separated sections based on various topics where you can involve yourself in the discussion including asking something that you are looking after or want to know.

You will find it is not complicated to join Nimbz as the registration procedure is easy and simple. Just fill in some of your details and you are ready to go!

If you are looking for forum to share your opinions, get in touch with more people online or looking for something, Nimbz Community might be the place that you have to look into.

Keep in touch!

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I think it’s the most useful feature of internet that one can interact with the other people even staying anywhere around the world, distance does not matter for it.


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These are the great features..Even communication will increase…



i do read a forum but never sign up for one
i think i’m gonna need extra 2 hours per day for another online activities aside from blogging :smile:
love to see how people argue among them self and a lot of forumers are very keen to share their knowledge and i really learn a lot from those guys…


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As regards the “Self” and not the self, ‘the one who speaks does not know and the one who knows does not speaks’. There is a higher level of communication i.e. through “Silence”, which could not be communicated through writeups, speaking, e-mails etc. Better ‘Be as You are’ and strive internally than externally.



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I have little to NO community service under my belt in high school. I’m worried that without community service, it won’t set me apart in college.



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