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This is an announcement =)

I had launched a new blog. A business-related blog. Introducing – “We Buzz What You Want to See”

Check it out.

It’s an important thing for me to have different blogs with different functions. I can’t post everything in as I consider this blog as a personal blog. If there’s any products, they are my personal reviews and recommendations based on my personal feeling.

It is quite challenging while building this blog. I just know about Addon Domain so I wanna give a try. But as usual, trial and error becomes the essence of every exploration, especially for the new things. I missed some steps especially for permalinks and .htaccess and then I modified it. Done!

Thanks to Unactive, Aman, and NetKL Team for helping. You rock!

Buzz Yours!
If you have something to buzz – your product, service, or website related to business, you’re welcomed to buzz them at Just Contact me through the Contact form and we’ll make a deal. Make sure you prepare your article with proper English in Microsoft Word or Notepad.

See ya!

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