My Cousin & Harley Davidson


Different person has different unique hobby. You will realize this when you spend your leisure time with your friends, family members or relatives.

I met my cousin who is a trader for oil & gas equipments  last week for lunch. He loves motorcycles and he came with his new Harley Davidson.

Sometimes I wonder why some people spend so much on certain things and matters however when it comes to the point that every hobby and interest bring different degree of value to different people, I started to look at it from a distinct perspective of view.

I know it is expensive but how about the parts? So he explained to me nowadays there are lot of ways to get something and if you have the will to find it, you can find it. It is same for exclusive things and their parts.

So it is a fact that it is not hard to find parts for harley davidson. He smiled and nodded.

I’m not into it. I just feel glad that sharing and talking about different hobbies are so entertaining.

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