More Things To Explore


Learning new things is amazing. And it’s feel awesome to explore more and more.

I have a great passion in learning and exploring new things. It might cannot make me become more brilliant but it gives a taste of satisfaction. I believe different people got different taste as different people love different fruits, flowers and girls.

I participated in organizing Minggu Jejak Bestari (week for IT) at my former secondary school and at this point I realized there are a lot more things to explore. I feel glad to see my buddies got their own niches to explore as well as me. I see the feel of passion in their faces. And yes, we are computer geeks so some of the passions which I mentioned are graphic design, databases, scripting, programming and yada yada.

However the environment had changed. Kids are more advanced than we could expect and I see that in my juniors (I’m a super duper senior!). Talking about Yahoo!, Google or HTML are not enough to make them feel amaze – very different form the old times where we were so excited to see and know we can see, send and do a lot of things using Internet.

And as always, bad effects come together with the good one at the same time. I believe kids nowadays are exposed to too much things out there and that’s why they are open to talk about coupling, marriage and sex which I never ever tend to think about it during my school-time. Somewhat gross but it is fact – and we are living in it.

More things to explore!

  • New things – currently I explore scripting and CSS and databases is yet to come!
  • How kids going on nowadays

Learning is continuous process – until the end of our life.

I and some mates are in our way of registering of our company and pray for our success.

p.s: Going back to IIUM tomorrow. Geez.
p.s.s: Omg, the song is not finished yet! I have to reconstruct it back using Fruity Loops.
p.s.s.s: Forgot to mention, AloneinHome is now running on Thesis theme! Cool!

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