Me VS Time



I have a bad habit.

I don’t appreciate time.

Some people thought I’m ignorance. Yeah, I am. I’m stubborn and ignorance especially with time.

I know that time is precious but it becomes my bad habit. I love to postpone my tasks and works until the due date is just around the corner. I always put other things than the important one. Specifically, wasting time is my habit.

But before I went to bed last night, I give myself a short moment to think. Then I realized I had wasted much time in my life. I took my small notebook and found that there’s a lot of thing that still need to be completed.

Gosh. I hate people wasting my time but I wasting it myself.

Time to change. I hope it’s not “warm warm chicken shit” (hangat hangat tahi ayam in Malay) this time. I need to be a systematic guy. I need a systematic way of life so I will not falling behind. I have to do what I have to do.

Next semester must be challenging. There’s no way I can survive my life if this bad habit still becomes a part of me.

Sigh. I’m counting how much time that I had lost.

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