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I’m kinda sure you had seen a lot of posts about making money, especially making money online all over the Internet. but it’s ok, i’m neither doing tutorial or selling e-books, just to share what i know and i learned with all of you.

Some of my friends still keep laughing on me when I said that I can get income through the Internet. They said it’s ridiculous. Can i call them primitive guys? uh-huh. Well, it’s better than using Internet just for e-mail, Friendster or Facebook. You can get more than that.

I was inspired by some bloggers when I saw affiliate banners and links on their site and I that was the starting point for me.

Lets see what I had found and currently doing in making money online :thumbsup:

I’m googling to search about making money online and I found a lot of opportunities all over the net. I’ll share some of them, especially the one which had paid me 😛

Sponsored Reviews

Have you ever do a review about others’ site? Have you been paid for doing a review? I found a lot review opportunites but I think this is the best review portal (as it had paid me. heheh)

i received 3.25USD (they pay through PayPal) for my first review and I now waiting to do for the next opportunites. get 3.25USD for posting a review in your blog.. not bad, huh? :keh:

Wanna be paid through posting reviews in your blog? Click here to join SponsoredReviews!


Do you know about paid survey? Companies all around the world need your opinions and answers to boost their sales and porducts! I’m sure you know about YouthSays in Malaysia but SurveyHead is just focusing on taking survey based on demographic criteria. And they’ll pay you for every survey that you completed! But it’s not a guarantee for you to get the payment because SurveyHead will only pay for answer that met their demographic criteria. For example, they need 45-ages people; you will not get paid if you are 23 years old and the survey will closed out.

Btw, it’s not an illegal thing to answer the survey 😛

In addition, you will get $5.00 just for signing up!

Notice the ‘Announcements’ in the header of my site. They are the latest survey from SurveyHead.

Have interest in joining SurveyHead and get paid for your voice? Click here to join! 😛

Other Opportunities

I think i need more than 3-4 days to explain about the making money opportunities that I found all over the net. so I just list them here and check it out! :thumbsup:

ShareAPic – share your pic and get paid for every view on your pics!

TheraBreath – Get $0.10 for every free E-Book that you spread to the others.

Clickbank – promote products from all over the world and get paid.

Nuffnang & Advertlets – I’m very very sure you know about them.

Adgitize, Bidvertiser – The alternative for Adsense. You can find more through googling.

And more.. uhuh. there’s a lot of them. but make sure you do a little research about any programmes or opportunities that you want to join. some of them are scammers and never pay you anything :banghead:

oh yeah.. I’m sure you know about Google Adsense.

like to see how much I earned?

haha.. to be honest, it;s fake! 😛

You can try it here – GoogleAdsenseGenerator

good luck! :thumbsup:

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