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people are people being banend for questioning the wisdom of this nonsense change. the posts are then edited by the moderator to show TOS 2.8 or something else giving the impression the poster broke some rule. it was obvious from day one that the motivation behind the change was to get members to pay money to the site from their pockets. even those who were profitable are now losing and still the retards are saying how great the admin is. lol. reggen and assadon are obviously confederates. standard members are quitting in droves as who can spend hours online to earn 2 cents per day? less time can be spent on onbux netting you 40 cents. neo’s admin likes to claim the other sites use bots but if you read the posts of people who upgrade to golden you will know who really is using bots. also if standard members who are the backbone are leaving wholesale where exactly does neo get refs to rent out?


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