Losing Focus


Life is going on but currently I got problem with myself. I’m losing my focus.

It’s not same like before and I really miss my old time and feeling like I want to go back and enjoy it. I love being kids when there is no any annoying problem burdening me and make me in pain. But unfortunately that thing is not going to happen and the only thing that I can do is looking forward.

OMG. This is hard.

Human got 24 hours per day to live but in fact we can’t use every hour to work; in case some people do, but it’s really rare. We got time to work and rest, live and sleep. I got the time to do things but the problem is I lose my focus.

I don’t know what I’m thinking. I don’t know what I’m going for. I don’t understand what’s going on. And I got no idea what I’m thinking now.

Problems come and go but I’m still here looking for the way out. This is somewhat psychotic and deep in my heart, I feel lonely; more lonely than before.

Is it because I’m not getting what I want? Or I’m really in my situation of self-depression? That’s the question that I still can’t answer right now. And I’m still searching for it.

Looking forward to get my focus back. Maybe I have to go to next phase in life for that. Who knows?

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