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I’m back.

Today is 13th Ramadhan. that’s mean we had fasting for 13 days. time is so fast. one question that we should ask ourselves is – what the things that we did until this 13th day? are they good or bad deeds? did we improve ourselves?

one of my buddies says that my blog is so dull.. no colour at all! huhu T_T

so i put some nuffnang and advertlets ads just to make it more colourful besides some graphics that i’ll put in my post.

ok. i hope it becomes more colourful now 😛

well, i just want to show some pics of the 3D model that i’d done and the last presentation day on 8th September 2008.

come. check it out 😉

This is the 3D model of Parcel C, Bukit Cerakah, Shah Alam made by me. an amateur work, huh? extrusion from topo map with Autocad 2008 and land cover (surface) with Google Sketchup. I just learn Autocad and Sketchup this semester. they’re pretty good and easy for designing and modelling.

This is Parcel A, made by my studio-mate, Shani form Maldives, a.k.a the CEO of the studio. Great, right? she is more expert in Autocad and there’s a big swamp in their parcel.

yeah.. the presentation day..

my studio-mates (sorry, no pic for the group that presenting)

our supervisor (Bro. Zahir) and studio master (Bro. SJ)

now is the time for Project 6 and we need to do our own layout plan. and currently we’re doing our concepts before we proceed to do the schematic plan.

last Friday, we learned how to calculate the population based on the residential area that we proposed in the site. and i learned one quote form Bro. Ali :

“Now you know – it’s not so easy to be a town planner”

haha 😛

now i know it 😥

well guys, happy fasting and see ya! 😉

p/s : i think my broadband modem is doing better when he had been self-scolded by me.

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I would like to convert this to iemaripl? I don’t really understand how to change the lookup table for that? I could just scale the drawing itself but the table is an issue for me. any direction you could provide?


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