Let The Plan Works

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just got back from the group discussion.

uh. i’m so tired :tired:

tomorrow is the Ta’aruf Day for 1st year student of Urban & Regional Planning. so i have to sleep early. uh.

but i gonna write something before i’m going to bed so i can have a great mood to sleep 😎

yeah, study-life in campus is really interesting. i see a lot of people from variable places. i met many people with different attitudes, including my studio-mates.

some people really have talent in doing task, individually.

well, how about working in group? :think:

we are currently running Project 2. this project needs us to make site visit and observation to certain places that are determined by the studio master.

my group had been asked to make our observation in Bangsar. well, based on my observation (that’s the 1st time i being there), Bangsar is a congested commercial area and you know, the obvious problem is – no enough spaces for parking lot. some people just park their cars on the pedestrian way, i think they really don’t have choice :whistling:


from right : shaneez, imah, and napi. i’m behind the camera (T_T) and alia was taking her dinner.

talking about working in group, it forces me to think more and more everyday (sometimes i have headache. uh) 🙄

it is interesting to work in group, but.. you know.. there are some difficulties. i found out some of them:

– fail to understand each other
– some people can’t work in a team
– don’t have respect to other members
– personal conflict between group members (i really hate this) 😡
– some people can’t give cooperation
– just rely on the others (a.k.a parasite)

and bla, bla, bla.. i think there’s more.

doing projects can make me stressed. facing difficulties when working in group gives me more, more, and more stress :tension:

however, i try to avoid pressure by always think positively and find the best solutions to make sure that all the group members feel satisfied :angel:

i never think i have the capability to be a group leader, but since one group member said that ‘you are the group leader’, i think that i can do something for the sake of my group, although i find out that i still have several weaknesses including having bad intonation and less confidence. yeah, i need to overcome those weaknesses.

yeah, i always feel the pressure but i always put in mind that the working life is giving much more pressure. so the study-life is a way for me to improve and realize my weaknesses before i go into the real working world.

i love to read entries by syam and mizzamyzalini because they are the professionals, and at the same time, blogging about their life, experience, feeling, advice, and motivation. reading their entries make me know more about the working life. yeah, it’s really tougher than study life.

in this study life, you might be scolded by your lecturer or friends or even group-mates. for me, it’s normal. just accept it. but i don’t know if i can stand when my future boss is feeling angry at me. because i know that once your boss dislikes you, you gonna be in deep trouble. maybe it’s an opportunity to be sacked from your job. uh. i have to get ready.

huh ~ very tired already.

sometimes i stay up for the whole night. but not this night.

yeah, managed to write this entry. satisfy enough. now it’s time to sleep 😉

“i’ll become a professional one day”

just give myself a quote to strengthen me up 🙂

come on, let the plan works.

fantastic sweet dream :moon:


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