Knocking The Door



Time flies too fast and without a single blink, I found that the final stage is around the corner.

It’s the most suitable time to realize the mistakes, I guess. But brilliant people will still able to take the opportunity to fix themselves. I’m holding my point – do the best for myself.

Yeah. Do the best for myself – not to be the best among the others.

And I’m knocking the door.

Life is not easy. That’s the fact that everyone should realize and aware. When it’s come to the turning point, you could have a chance for glory or being slipped away from your own track.

I feel that I’m near to accomplish my current mission – to be moderate.

And sleeping a lot, not proper works, late submission help me a lot. And it’s enough for this time. I guess I had cured my disappointment on myself.

I want the best for myself, of course. But not to be the best among the others. Sometimes being chosen means nothing and you even never deserved to be the one. That’s why some people feel it disgusting and keep talking bad about you when you’re not around. Because of your ultimate fault – getting something but not deserved for it.

Everybody keep trying to be the best among the others, but sometimes they forgot to be the best for themselves. That’s why some people keep stuck in the middle of their way – without realizing the mistakes that they had done. Some people jump into the hole that they dug themselves.

Some people think that good CGPA is the measure for their intelligent and hardwork. Yes for some people but not for them who not deserved for it.

I wanna get what I deserved. And I’m looking for it.

One more thing to do today. Complete it and pass it. I prefer to stay on backbenches tomorrow. Watching and learning what the experienced guys will say about friends – and generally, about us. Thanks a lot for EP JB. Sorry for disturbing your time. But this is the only way we can snuck ourselves into our own satisfaction.

I believe home is the best place for meditation. I wanna finish it all and clear the mess that I’d done. C’mon time, fly faster! 😮

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