Keeping Memory of The School Years



The final exam is coming. And the holiday is just around the corner. I miss my cousins, especially the little one :heart:

My little cousin is currently in her pre-school year and I’m thinking of getting her something – like a gift.

Hm.. how about a keepsake school year book?

Memories are very important in our life. It’s how we know ourselves, where are we from and the things that happened in our life, especially in our early school years.

Having a school keepsake book is a great idea to keep a lasting memory of child’s first years at school. The kids will appreciate their first school years when they looking at their memories in the future.

I found some interesting keepsake school year books here.

Each keepsake school year books are provided with hard cover, appropriate pages, photo sleeve pages and two pockets for other memorabilia. You can choose from pre-school to sixth grade school year books.

Yeah, I wanna a get a school memory book for my little cousin. I hope she will happy with that and appreciate her life when she looks back her first school years in the future. A great way to keep memories of your kids, I think.

It’s easier to get awesome things nowadays. Make your order just by clicking and they will send them to your doors. Maybe you want to get another gift for your kids or your little cousins, you can search for them through children gifts online. There’s a lot of choices as well as the personalized one.

Have a nice day! 🙂

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