Keep Working & Working



Working is a natural habit for us. Some people regard it as natural disaster.

Working is like something. Sometimes it’s just about thinking.

As for myself, I have to keep working & working.

I really agree with a quote that you might heard before this :

Responsibilities are more than time.

There are a lot of responsibilities, a lot of tasks and works and sometimes it seems so impossible to finish them all. A high spirit and effort could help, maybe.

I love working. And I always force myself to be a busy guy (not a busybody). Additional tasks. Volunteer works, sometimes. And blogging is one of them. Btw, blogging brings a lot of benefits to me until this sec, so I think I keep blogging until the rest of my life. Ohoho.

Currently I’m working on designing banner for a program at my former secondary school. Ugh. I’m not so good in designing. You can ask my former studiomates how my sketches look like when it’s time for Graphic Communication. But I think Photoshop is a lot more easier than hand-made skteches.

Gosh. If I have additional budget at this sec, maybe I’ll order Graphic Package from Raja Grafik Malaya to learn more about graphic.

Currently I have 4 main blogs, so I have to maintain them as I have to pay annually for hosting and domain services. I’m currently scheduled the posts (autoposts) because I’m pretty sure that it’s hard to focus on blogging in semester time. Studio projects will be more harder than the previous sems and I have to study hard 7 days per week if I want to score in all the subjects.

The best idea is – scheduled the posts except the breaking news. So I only have to spare 2-3 hours per week for blogging. Btw, there’s no autopost for, of course =)

Tasks and works will never finish until our last breath. So keep working! =D

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