It’s Started


well.. it’s started.itstarted

the time has come and no one will argue about it. what’s that? aha – the new semester.

it’s hard to say, but i feel half-nervous while entering this world of my new life. the heavy projects, the killer subjects, the pressuring lecturers – all of them sucked into my mind when i came back to this home of knowledge and virtue.

but i believe you know – sometimes human makes mistake by thinking negatively. so did I.

it’s the most meaningful day when i and my friends went into our studio for the first time. our studio is located at level 4, the highest one. duh 🙄 then we had a ta’aruf session with our studio master – just call him bro SJ (er.. yea.. he’s good but i still don’t familiar with his style 😕 ). there are 3 foreigners in URP 1st year studio – 2 from Maldives and 1 from Somali, and the rest are the local students. whoa, i think it’s gonna be a hilarious days until graduation 😎

and you know, we got our first project.. uhu 😥

the students are divided into several groups, and i teamed up with napi, imah and alya.

second day, the autoCAD class. i never put my hand on this software, since i only involved myself with multimedia and developing software, however.. it’s not hard when you put your effort on it 😎

this is just one of what i explored, based on what i learned in the first class. not bad, huh? 😉


my new life has just started to begun and it need a lot of things to be done.

no more ramblings.

no more ridiculous things.

yea. it’s started.

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