It’s Life : yeah. i feel it!


I found this cat smelling the shrubs at my college. *sniff* *sniff* 🙂

yeah. i’m kinda busy (not so busy, actually) doing some works.

there’s a lot things happened and i miss some updates from my frens so i decide to update too :kiss:

yeah. what’s up? 😉

Preparing Layout Plan

well, i’m currently preparing the layout plan with Autocad. i’m using Autocad 2008 because the 2009 is quite.. hm.. i mean.. too modern 🙄 sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s not – based on the layout that a person designs. i agree with my lecturer – the layout could be finished in 1-2 days, and we (the students) are too relax in doing serious things. yeah. i admit it. i also believe that i can finish the layout in 2-3 days but.. hm.. sometimes it’s quite difficult to concentrate, especially when it’s weekend 🙁 in addition, i just found i had done a major mistake. and i had to redo. ugh. please God, give me patience. the submission date is 16th March but i prefer to make it early so wish me luck 😛 :thumbsup:

wanna see my layout for the previous semester? click here 😛

The Abolish PPSMI Movement (GMP)

I went to KLSentral last Saturday and on my way back, there’s a lot of white-shirt people on the streets.

i snapped these pics from the LRT.. near the Masjid Jamek station, if i’m not mistaken.

some of you might want to know what is PPSMI. it’s Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Subjek Sains dan Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris (if i’m not mistaken) – Teaching & Learning Science & Mathematics in English. it’s the program under Ministry of Education of Malaysia to enhance students’ knowledge and skills in the Science and Mathematics subjects thru English.

some people agree and some people not. well, it’s happened in every government decisions 🙂

a guy said to me in the LRT : “Japan is more advance than us. Why there’s no something like PPSMI in Japan? It’s funny” (laughing) 😀 :question: ..well, he didn’t make a joke, i believe.

from my opinion, there’s pro and contra. some students can cope with this programme but i think most students’ don’t unless they’re trained well to learn Science and Mathematics in English. i’m in the last batch that use Malay, so I dunno what they feel, until I myself have to struggle study all the subjects thru English here in the campus. and tht’s why I writing posts in English – to improve my languange skills.

there’s maybe an agenda of some people – media said that, click here to read (it’s in Malay), but i think the goverment has to settle this issue as quickly as possible.

the more you let it burn, the more water you need to put it down.

A Rapidshare Account

oh yeah. i’d bought rapidshare account from a friend here. he’s generous and it’s nice to know him :thumbsup:

i’d watched Heroes Season 3 and currently watching Family Guy Season 7. and yeah.. of course, the anime series and the movies. i heard Heroes Season 4 is airing now. not patient enough to download and watch it until the end! 😮

it’s life – yeah. i feel it! 😮

p/s : some people feel that studying urban planning has no life. hm.. well.. sometimes.. 🙄

see ya! 😀

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