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uh. finally. it’s time to make some updates.

busy days, study life, ton of assignments and bla, bla, bla – uh. so exhausting.

and it’s really really impossible for me to be a daily blogger. isk3 :isk:

anyway, it’s life.

oh yeah.. hm.. what i gonna write aa..? :question:

ok. let’s share what had happened.

here we go 😉

hm.. ok.. we go through chronology.

19th July 2008 – Recruitment Day for URP’s 1st year students
(the ‘recruitment’ is just a name actually. hehe 😀 )

After registration and take our recruit clothes. uh. poyo guys.

During ‘recruitment’. Playing guess what animal that the other groups draw. It’s fun, especially when watching friends acting like animals. hehe.

Session with URP seniors – 3rd year. Scary tales. uh 😮

team with present

I was in group with Loq and Kim. we got 2nd place for the activites all over the day (including the performance. huhu) ..I, like always, behind the camera :isk:

20th July 2008 – Geomatic Practical

Napi using the compass survey

Doing practical in group. That’s not kayu silambam ye.
It’s called pole, used to mark the station points.

21st July 2008 – Getting data for Project 2 at DBKL

Finding data and getting maps of Bangsar at DBKL.
Alhamdulillah, we got what we need 🙂

Hanging out with Nelza, Napi and Lan at KLCC.
Eating mee in claypot. uh. sedap :mmuahh:

Lan and Nelza. Lan with ugly pose 😆

huhu. a lot of pics this time.

i’m currently doing Power Point for the presentation. uh. idea.. idea.. 😥

i have to manage my time well.. i want to finish all the tasks and at the same time, post entries and visit my friends through blog-o-sphere.

** thanks kak amy.. u are so concerned 😉

uh.. i feel so depressed when there’s no time for blogging :frustrated:

work, projects, friends, hanging out, take 5, tension, pressure, frustrated, sad, happy, smile, assignment, flirting, sharing experience, brainstorming, discussing and bla, bla, bla.

i have to accept them all.

i have to absorb them all.

more and more coming to me.

no choice. it’s life.

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