“I’m Sorry, My Dear”



Hi fellas!

I just got back from Banting. A tiring weekend and some of us are half-dead. Gosh. I’ll write about it later.

What I wanna say today is..

“I’m sorry, my dear.”

Am I busy? Yes, I am. And I hope it’ll not mess my life.

Being a planning student is interesting but sometimes we have to sacrifice our time. I start to love this field and I’m gonna put my effort and strength to grab every piece of understanding and knowledge about this field.

I’m not a good student and I wanna be one. I feel envy with my friends. A sincere envy so I gonna study hard.

As the result, I have to put less attention at my mobile phone. It means less attention for her.

Well, I guess most of girls need attention.

I understand your words. I know sometimes you’re feel disappointed with me. I realized sometimes I didn’t notice your message. I know sometimes you’re waiting for me to reply your message.

I have my own principles. I have a bunch of tasks to be completed. I start to realize the meaning of responsibility (I hope so).

I never mean to have a less time with you. You’re always in my mind!

I know you understand what I mean. I hope we’ll make it.

I love you =)

p.s: Gosh.

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