I’m Not Fit!



Yeah. I’m still in the exam mood while watching most of my friends enjoying their freedom. 1 more paper to go!

The thing is, I’m not fit this semester.

This is the biggest mistake that I’d ever done! (for my study). Well, it’s not that big.. but somehow it gives negative impacts on me.

  • Lazy!
  • Always sleepy (sometimes in class) thus more sleep.
  • Understanding something is harder.
  • Memorizing is harder!
  • Cannot focus.
  • Again, lazy :mrgreen:

I feel disappointed with the final papers. Not because they’re hard or whatever, but it’s me who cannot answer them at my best. Woo. I guess I could do better. But I didn’t, I guess. So I compare my daily activities in this semester with the previous one and they’re different. Long holiday made me forgot of my previous habit – jogging. I jogged at least once in 3 days in the previous semesters. And I guess it made me fit – for study.

I want to jog again!! *searching for sneakers*

Well, it’s too late too regret.

But not for the next semester!

Credits to Smart-Kit.com for the pic.

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