I Want VS I Should


life is about making choices. once you fail to choose, you are a step forward to the black hole :down:

ugh. so sleepy. but i have some works that still not finished yet. ok, update the blog first 😆

i WANT to sleep but i SHOULD finish the works first.

see? 😉

Angle vs Devil
it’s a normal thing to have conflict in doing something in our daily life. you want to watch your favorite TV program but your mom keep calling you to help her in kitchen. you wanna go out with your lover but your tasks are still not finished yet.

Angle says : there’s a lot of works to do, pal 👿
Devil says : c’mon.. enjoy yourself first! :exclaim:

oh. damn. the situation like that really makes me confused 😕 , although I actually know what should I do. the bed keep seducing me again and again while i’m doing my assignment. uh 🙄

I Want + I Should
sometimes the things that we want (or sometimes really really really want) bring us to the things that we should do or have. for this case, please ignore the picture above. haha 😆

for example, i WANT to buy a car at the age of 27, so i SHOULD save the budget from now (or before this) to pay for the car’s deposit. some people WANT to marry, so they SHOULD have bla, bla and bla 😳

i write this post to motivate myself because sometimes i being so lazy although there’s a lot of works still not uncompleted. and i hope i could motivate you too, at least a bit of awareness of what we WANT and we SHOULD.

WANT is about demand. SHOULD is about responsibility.

i think i had motivated myself 🙂

back to work. i’ll bloghop if i have time to do so. see ya 😀

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