I Wanna Be At Home


sheesh. just got time to update πŸ˜›

today is the 6th day of Ramadhan and 6th September. this year is unique, i think.

well, media keep talking about 16th September. 10 days more. are we going to get a new government? i don’t know. but changing the ruling government is really a big deal. and most people (my friends, in blogs that i read, forum) believes that this thing is gonna happen.. er.. except our current PM when he was talking about this in the recently 2009 Budget. yeah.. politics, everything’s possible to happen.

it’s weekend and i’m doing some 3D modelling.. the 3D model and animation and Bukit Cerakah. i’ll show u the model thing when it is complete later on.

uh. weekend should be entertaining.

i wanna be at home.

i could only stay at home for a day in last mid semester break. i had to be here earlier since the site analysis report was still not complete. omg. but.. it’s ok.. i and my teammate completed our site analysis report earlier than the other groups. it’s satisfied me, at least.

but the thing is – i couldn’t iftar (note : iftar = berbuka puasa) with my parents at home yet.

i wanna go home.
i wanna go home!

i miss bazaar Ramadhan in my hometown. there’s also bazaar in iium but you know, we can make 5 rounds in a half an hour with normal speed.

anyway, it’s ok. i still can go home 3-4 days before Aidilfitri.

oh yeah.. i had a chat with kak amy but we were disconnected because of the damn broadband problem πŸ™„

she have problem with gastric – is this the right spelling? and i suggested her to use zentec as supplement. sorry, i didn’t found any pictures of this supplement. btw, this supplement is good for them who can’t skip the meal for a long time. my dad uses this supplement and he’ll got problem in Ramadhan without this pill. but i think that he don’t use the supplement this Ramadhan. why? i don’t know.

and i don’t sure whether the zentec pills is a kind of supplement or medicine.

hu. i miss mom’s cooking. and i miss iftar together with my grandparents and cousins at kampung.

i wanna be at home T_T

(be patient, alone)

p/s : i gonna sick if i’m studying overseas.

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