I Need A Cool Laundry Bag

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There are various types of ways on how we (students) manage our clothes and for me, I prefer to use laundry service. The laundry shop is located near to the main gate so I have no problem to go there by walking.

But the problem is I don’t have a laundry bag for my clothes. I currently using plastic bag to bring my clothes to the laundry shop. Gosh. I need a cool laundry bag!

The most important feature is the laundry bag must be able to carry my clothes and garments. My next concern is the durability because I want to use the laundry bag for at least 1-2 years.The other feature is it must has a cool design so I can enjoy walking to the laundry shop.

How about a laundry bag from Oh Mint?


I guess camo design fits my taste. It looks cool!

The laundry bags come with various colorful designs and are created with Mint’s signature.

Talking about laundry bag, I’m also searching for a new towel wrap for my aunt. A nice birthday gift for her, I guess. Or should I buy a nap mat for myself? Looks like the old one need to be replaced soon.

Well, I just realized that these products are affordable with my budget. Time to grab all of them!

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Ursula, hello!I wanted to cotlaatugrne you on your spring collection such beautiful work! I hope you are thrilled and proud of yourself! I can hardly wait for my order Thanks,Jennifer Reece


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