I Miss You



I was born in October 1988 at General Hospital of Miri, Sarawak. The hospital originally located on the other side of the river but my dad said it is gone now because of the flood.

Me, mom and dad lived in Miri Police Barrack and I’d been there for almost three years after we transferred to Peninsular.

And since then, I never lay my feet on Miri’s land.

Sometimes I watch Miri through television or magazines. And I keep asking myself when I could be in Miri again. My dad said Miri had changed a lot and becomes a big city now.

I searched for Miri’s aerial view and found the pic. But I’m not sure whether it’s Miri or not. I showed it to dad and he said “Yes, it is” but the hospital where I born is not there. An unfortunate thing to know, I guess.

What a fascinating experience. I wanna be there again.

One more amazing thing is I just know that nono live in Miri too.. and we’re born in the same hospital! Wow. The world is small. Yeah, amazing. It reminds me to what I said to mom when I was a small kid – I wanna marry a girl from Miri. But it’s not matter now. Because I already have one. Hehe (of course, she’s not from Sarawak and yeah.. not married yet. Money.. money)

I guess I put it in my wishlist. Be in Miri again, although it’s for a while. A week, maybe? I wanna visit and see the old places. I think some of them still there. I want to refresh my memory. The nostalgic places and feelings could help me.

I miss you, Miri. And I always do. Wait for me. And I’ll be there someday.

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