I Love PES2009!



OK, this is not a show-off. It’s just a game, so I guess it’s nothing to be proud of.

But I just wanna say – I love PES2009!

Yeah, playing games is one of my hobbies and I play various genres especially adventure and sports. I had mentioned about some adventure games before this so now let’s talk about sports games.

To be specific, Pro Evolution Soccer 2009. Oho.

Why I love PES2009? I’ll simplify the reasons.

  • realistic movement especially the collision between players
  • a lot of customizable features such as building your own and emblem. I love this feature so much!
  • substitution during game can be set to automatic. save my time of changing players

I think that’s enough.

Some of my friends the players move like robots. Ok.. maybe.. but they look real and I enjoy every game in PES2009. Challenging and realistic!

I played FIFA before this but since I started to play PES, I think it’s much better. I think I’ll stick to this one until I get really bored (maybe) and change to next version of PES. hehe.

p.s : Some people might think girls are not suitable with playing games. Gosh. You’re wrong !=D

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