I got a MobileTV.. how about dropshipping?


yeah. I’m currently at my home. got here on Saturday with my 2 aunties (one of them had engaged! haha) and i’ll go back to iium on sunday. just wanna have a short weekend at home, although there’s a lot of works to do.

video project, conceptual design, and bla, bla, bla.. uh.

so what brings me to be at home? oh yeah, i’m new to something.. so i need ur opinions :thumbsup:

well, check this out πŸ˜›

I Got A New MobileTV

Tadaa.. my new Mobile-TV.. hm.. or.. TV-Mobile (?) ..whatever. It’s not really new. Got it from my dad after he feel bored using it for almost a couple of months.

– not a branded one.. haha
– TV and radio functions
– has most functions, including bluetooth and cable
– built-in and external memory
– has touch screen.. wuhu
– has slots for two sim cards.. oh yeah! :drool:

thanks dad! now I can watch TV along the journey to KL 😎

hm.. how about TV Card in my PC? ..i think it’s better i let it there. sometimes it’s quite hard to get the channel through this Mobile-TV, especially for TV channels.

i’m actually going home for another purpose. what’s that?

hm.. i’m thinking of doing business through dropshipping.

How About Dropshipping?

I’m sure you already familiar with EBay. And i found some people selling E-Books about doing business on EBay. Some of them selling their own products and some of them selling products through dropshipping.

I got interest in this dropshipping things after I found a lot of successful stories over the Internet. so, I think I better try it too. but it’s came to my concern that I have to be aware of scams, such there are some cases the products were not been sent to the customers. so I try to buy a product for myself.

and after 15 days, the product arrived at my home. not a complicated thing. it’s just a badge 😎

this is just a sample product to make sure that the dropshipping company have real stocks and produce real products. i’m not so good in design so maybe i’ll find an alternative way, but i think it’s better for me to learn it myself. i know there’s a risk but every deal has its own risk, right?

Deal with dropshipping and EBay needs patience, strategy and knowledge. It’s funny when some people said that online business is easy as 1, 2, 3. you put your products today and you’ll be a billionare tomorrow. although it’s mathematically logic, i assume it’s absurd.

it’s a good step for me to gain new knowledge and experiences to improve myself.

so I think I want to put a try – now or never πŸ˜›

I really appreciate if you have any opinions πŸ˜‰

..or if you want to say something about my Mobile-TV. hehe πŸ˜›

going back to KL tomorrow. I need to prepare my conceptual ideas. see ya! πŸ˜›

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