Here We Go


I just arrived at home this morning and I feel so glad to be in this room again. I mean, my room πŸ˜›

I feel safe here in my room, laughing with my parents and enjoying the panoramic natural scene in front of my house. at least i can breath alive and feel free from the damn hard-feelings.

yeah, aloneinhome πŸ˜‰

and i’m still suffering the tired feeling and backache.


i and my studio-mates had been assigned to do the site analysis at a site in Bukit Raja, Kapar, Klang. It’s a 200-acres site (uh huh) so we had been divided into groups based on the inception report. One group covers an area. i have some pics from the site.

click the thumbnails to view larger images.

i have no intention to convert into fotopages. uhu.

ok. we have walking in the site (it’s palm oil estate) for about 2 hours if i’m not mistaken and crossed 4 drainage + playing with mud. yay! damn. i got backache.

one of my studio-mate : nas, are u ok?
me : hm.. ok :thumbsup: (uh.. it’s terrible! :waa: )

then we go to nearest masjid for Jumaat prayer. and i took almost 20 minutes to clean my jeans.

taking lunch at klang sentral. uh. bad taste (T_T) ..i’ll not go there if i’m not really really hungry at that time.

one of my group-mates suddenly had amnesia. she forgot that she had took her camera from me. and yeah.. “oh no.. my camera missing!” and everybody in the bus have to check their bag, in case one of us had took her camera. when i and anas were running to the pickup spot to search for her camera, the drivers called us.


you know what. the camera is.. in.. her own bag. damn :banghead:

btw, it’s ok πŸ˜› (rm800 bai, mane aku nak cekau duit? πŸ™„ )

after packing my stuffs and had some deal wih friends, fasla (my roommates) sent me to LRT Putra. ting.. ting.. I arrived at KL Sentral and waited for train to come. i met some of my friends there, including Amar Hasan (i just put his name here, i’ll recognize him later πŸ˜› )

the departure is at 10.30pm


“the time of departure had been rearranged to 10.50pm”
hm.. ok..

i sat and took a rest. phew.

“the time of departure had been rearranged to 11.15pm”
what?? :banghead:

everybody’s face changed to red.

and fortunately, there’s no ‘rearrangement’ after that. i guessed the train will arrived a bit later at bukit mertajam. but i was wrong. it arrived earlier than it should. i gueesed the train went into maximum speed while most passengers were slept. that’s great, we were alive πŸ˜›

but mom and dad still on their way to the station. i want to buy newspaper and drinks but i only had a rm50 note. and the _______ uncle didn’t have any changes for the note. uh. so I had to wait for mom and dad.

i slept on a chair (siiting) and.. i got second backache. ugh.

mom woked me up. after doing Subuh prayer with dad, we’re going home.

yeah. holiday! πŸ˜› (although i have some works to do)

time to release the tension and anger.

hu. i need time to enjoy this. see ya and Happy Chinese New Year πŸ˜›

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