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Sometimes I feel that I keep postponing this and that. And that’s really really bad. I guess I could done a lot of things including making a post everyday. Logically possible but my bad habit is really irritating.

Back to the topic – Having Add-on.

I met my meet-once-every-year uncle during last Raya holiday and he seemed excited to share what he knows with me. So I’d lend my ears.

He’s currently working in private sector (GLC I guess) but the most important point that he really emphasized is having add-on. Maybe some of you asking what is means. Having add-on is like you have something special from the others and distinctive. But it academically means you have to go out of the box. For example, I’m currently studying Urban & Regional Planning but to have some add-on, I must have knowledge or certificate or whatever from other field such as computer programming, family law and whatsoever.

In daily life, add-on is like additional skills such as sewing, cooking, painting skills and so on.

In the other word, you have something special rather than being a typical person. In this matter, soft skills is one of the essential elements that we must have.

My uncle said that this is really important nowadays because the employer nowadays prefer the person with additional skills or knowledge. Why? Because person with additional skills is the person who always want to know more, to add more, to explore more and to do more things. That’s the things that could give benefit to the company.

So HOW to have these add-on?

  1. Joining seminars and talks especially that one not from your field
  2. Making friends with people from different fields and thoughts
  3. Never hesitate to learn additional skills

I guess I have to start now. Now or never.

To my bad habit, I hate you.

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