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Hi peeps.

Actually I wanna write about what I’d done and what I gonna do during my 3 months holiday, but the recent things that just happened really spoil my mood 🙁

I’m currently packing my belongings. 1st year done. The actual plan is my aunt will pick me up and we’ll going back to Kedah tomorrow morning.

And yeah. While waiting her to arrive, I think of writing a post.. the things that I wanna do on my vacation, maybe?

But then the spoilers came and ruined it all.

I’m trying to login into my WordPress Dashboard when it showed “Incorret password”. Eh? What? Incorrect password? Maybe it’s my mistake. So I try again.

“Incorrect password”. Eh? I try again and again, but it showed the same result. So I tried to retrieve my password by clicking “Lost your password?” and then I inserted my e-mail. You know what?

“There is no user registered with that email adress”!!! 😯

omg. what the hell happened. I got panic for almost 5 minutes. I tried to get back to myself and Googling on how to retrieve the password.

And I found the solution here.

So I checked the things thru PhpMyAdmin. Luckily, my Cpanel is still as it is at that time.

Btw, the solution is quite advance so I think of taking the simple step. Browsing the database. And you wanna know what I got?


There’s somebody’s email in my database. Wth. Seriously, I hate this!

And there are 4 unidentified ‘profiles’ under my admin data. So i found the answer why I can’t login to my dashboard and can’t retrieve my password.

For those who did this thing to my site (to me, of course!), maybe you’ll laugh when you’re reading this post about your ‘clever’ act. I’ll never have any intention to kill or hurt you, your spouse, siblings or your family. Please don’t do this again. I’m just a normal student and this is my platform to learn and improve myself.

Again, please.

Do you know I how frustrated I am?

Please, think about it.

Yeah, then I felt weird why my aunt (Mak Tih) didn’t call me. So I called her. And she told me.. she met with an accident. Ok, I didn’t want to ask more. But when I turned of the line, I felt myself numb 🙁

Then my other aunt (Mak Su) called and told me that Mak Tih’s car was badly damaged and she got trauma to drive the car or even hold the steering. So I have to wait maybe until tomorrow of for 2-3 days. And I’ll go home to Kedah with Mak Su.

The good thing is, I had my last paper this morning. Alhamdulillah.

I know it’s all had been planned by Him.

Ya Allah. Give me strength. Amin.

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