Happy 53rd Malaysia Independence Day!


I got a spinning headache and went to sleep earlier last night. Gosh. It must be due to the selection in the evening.

And when I woke up.. I just remembered it’s 53rd Malaysia Independence Day!

Well.. it’s 53 years after Malaysia had been declared independence. It’s an awesome moment to be remembered. A part of meaningful history. And freedom is something that we want to enjoy in our life.

However as always I got several questions in my mind.

The first thing is – why the celebration is not same as before? Is it me myself who excluding myself and my mind from this annual sense? Or is it national-wide sense which make me feel this celebration not even merrier? I still remember the old days where we are all waiting for the Independence Day when we can see flags and banners all over the place along the roads.

Some people might say it’s because it happens in the fasting month. I guess it’s not the matter. Well, maybe it’s me who choose to stay in room and doing works. My fault. I should go out there and see waving flags all over the roads and attending Merdeka events.

The second thing is – are we really free?

I guess this is abstract. Different people and nations interpret different meanings for freedom. But doing absurd things when counting countdown for 31st August is something unacceptable. Come on, we are civilized people so let’s do it the civilized way. Independence is not just about shouting “Merdeka!” several times and waving flags for several minutes.

Let’s enjoy this moment or remembrance and explore the meaning of rights, freedom and independence for the better future of our nation. Merdeka!

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