Growing Your Motivation

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Motivation is something that some people consider as something optional – you can choose whether you want it or not. “He’s motivated but I’m not!” and so on. But this is wrong as we human need motivation in our life.

I myself believe that I am motivated to write this article and here it is! When I feel motivated to write this article, I will be motivated to open my “New Post” section, start reading some sources and start writing. The process will repeat again and again.

I compare growing motivation to growing a plant.

Like planting a precious flower – once you plant your motivation in hopes for it to grow, you are creating the proper environment for it. Putting the seed is not enough. You need to take care of it and put fertilizers for it to grow. Yes- you need fertilizers!

So what are the fertilizers? Some of them are:

  • Planning
  • Effort
  • References (People/Readings)

Obviously – you can’t grow a plant without putting the seed and without fertilizers and taking care of the plant, it will die. And the same thing applies in growing your motivation.

Plant your motivation and grow it for the success of your life!

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