Go Malaysia Go!


To be honest, this is the first time I feel impressed with Malaysian football team. Of course I always support them because I’m Malaysian and in some sense, I feel we have to feel the same. However the performance is not good enough because the supporters for sure want their team to win, and the same thing goes for us. I always feel that the glory days like Mokhtar Dahari and friends’ time will not happen again.

But the recent news make me think that I might be wrong.

Malaysia beat Thailand 2-1 to go to the semi-final and then won over Laos to make their way to the final. Wow. At first I didn’t watched the previous group level matches, the main factor is because the local TV is not broadcasting it. However after Malaysia made their way to the semi final, I tend to look back to the previous matches. Thanks to YouTube because if it’s not because of you, we might just wondering/imagining the matches.

gomalaysiagoSo I watched the semi-final where Malaysia vs Laos at the cafe. And I saw people watching the match cannot be compared to the number of people watching Manchester United vs Chelsea, Liverpool or Arsenal. But as Malaysia leading and adding goals, more and more people came and gave their support. They played nice however slowed down and then been into nice form again.

And as the result says, Malaysia goes for the final match.

I read a lot of comments from various sources. Some people praise, some people feel amazed, some people said they’re previously wrong and as usual some people said that it’s not enough. Well, there are even people who underestimate the team even we’re go the final. Ok, that’s your opinion and you’re free to say that. For me, I believe that we could be better if we’re put our effort in skills and strategies. If you are willing to support your national team only after they’re qualified for the World Cup, then what’s the point of being a supporter? A supporter supports even the team win or lose.

Football. It’s the game that we can analyze and discuss about it for a day without stop. You might say this and I might say that.

And yes, football is not just about Malaysia or other countries and teams. It’ s about how we believe in winning. Sometimes we lose, and it doesn’t mean that we’ll lose the next match. We win and we lose.

p/s: Waiting for the final match =)

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