Giving Focus & Attention


I love to watch the ads promoting milk for kids showing how the milk could help the kids to give more focus & attention while learning in class. Some kids are sleeping, eating and some of them try harder to focus but cannot give attention at all. I forgot which company sponsors the ads but I love to see the light bulb “ATTENTION” on the kids’ heads. And every time I watch this ads, I laughed myself. Hey, is it the fact that older person also have the same problem? That question brings me to write about this post – giving focus & attention.

There are a lot of things in our mind everyday and all these things are mixed up in our daily life. Daily activities, study, assignment, class, coursework and etc. sometimes give us headache. Sometimes I have to ask myself – which one should I do first? It is a normal thing as we human got a lot of responsibilities as we are growing older. And as the solution, I try to suggest an answer, at least for myself that is – giving focus & attention.

Having various tasks means that we have to deal with time management. Yes, we have to finish our tasks but in the same time we also need time to check our email, Facebook, Friendster, MySpace and etc. It’s a must for us, right? And today we cannot let ourselves left behind so it’s not wrong to socialize yourself and surfing on the web. But the problem is sometimes we let ourselves on the web too long and as the result, we do procrastinate and fail to finish our jobs that is more important. So what must we do? My suggestion is you give priority to all of your daily activities. List the activities including tasks and all the online things and put them in order based on the priority. Shut down your PC and focus on the thing that is important and when you have finish your tasks, you can online and socialize without any worry!

Studying is one of the activity that needs focus and attention. You have to give focus to maximum level while studying something. I consider learning in class and studying is two different things, so let’s talk about study as we absolutely need to give focus in class. Well, let’s see. Different people have different ability and limitation. Some people can study longer than the others while some people can only focus for a short period of time. Some friends ask me how much a person can afford to study per day and my answer is – depends on you. I cannot give the exact answer for that but I have a few tips:

  • Separate between play and study. When it’s time to play, enjoy yourselves and forget about study. When it’s time to study, forget about playing and always keep this separation in mind so you can give focus on what you do.
  • Make study time as habit. Set a specific time for study for everyday. For example 9-11pm everyday. Maybe you need to force yourselves for the first time but after it becomes your habit, it will become a part of your daily life.

Yes, giving focus & attention is something hard to do but when you adapt to it, it will becomes an easy thing for you and even becomes a part of your life. So the first thing is to force yourself for it. I had tried this for myself and most of the time it works! Good luck guys!

ps: I found a site that provides Time Management Tips. Maybe the tips could help you.

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