Freedom & Rights


Everybody got their own rights.

And everybody got their own rights for getting freedom.

I followed the updates of Freedom Flotilla since the start of the journey. And I guess my disappointment is being shared by a lot of people all over the world.

I want to be a free man.
You also want to be a free man.

And nobody should ask about other human’s right to get the freedom. And when we’re talking about rights, keep in mind that even environment got their rights too.

What freedom?

Freedom to speak.
Freedom to criticize.
Freedom to help and giving aid.
Freedom to choose.
Freedom to think.

However some people abused their freedom. How?

Some people feel they got the ultimate freedom so they can do anything they want.

They mock people with no reason.
They shoot people with no reason.
They kill other people with no reason.

And that’s why we got laws & regulations to control the freedom. Because everything has its own limit including freedom.

I guess the critical some dumping baby cases happened because misunderstanding of freedom. Some people might translate freedom as:

Free to smoke.
Free to take drugs.
Free to have sex.

..which is totally wrong.

We need freedom because we have rights for it. But we also have to understand it correctly.

Some people understand freedom & rights well. While some not.

* Let’s pray for our friends in Gaza. Hope the next flotilla will success in sending aid to them.

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