For The Sake of Pleasure & Forgiveness


Back again.

It is not an easy thing when you have a lot of jobs and requests in one time and the only way to deal with them is putting your hard effort in it. But this is the way I’m doing things and there is a big potential I will do this until the end of my life.

Not to be forgotten (of course!) – we are still in the fresh Aidilfitri 1432H and Malaysian 54th Independence Day mood. And for every event and festival in our days, there must be a significant lesson that goes deep into our hearts.

Ramadhan 1432H

It’s obvious that I didn’t publish any article related to Ramadhan this year and that is due to challenging circumstances that I have to face. Ramadhan this year was pretty good for me – Alhamdulillah. But as usual we human have to improve more and more, right? Got my mom to be a Dealer for Public Gold during last Ramadhan is a success in my business effort. And we do hope our observance during Ramadhan will reward us bless from Allah. InsyaAllah.

Aidilfitri 1432H

Became Imam & Khatib for Aidilfitri prayer at the Musolla in my village. A challenging experience but I learned a lot. Alhamdulillah. The text for khutbah (speech) for this year’s Aidilfitri turned more deep and straightforward. No wonder there are people cried or shed their tears during the speech.

And this time I have to prepare myself well as the engaging moment will be happened soon. Means that the next stage in life – marriage – is just around the corner. I.. I mean.. we. We have to prepare physically and mentally. It will be a challenging moment in our life but there’s no other way other than facing all those challenges together.

We live this life for the sake of His pleasure. And His forgiveness.

And in this world we live in. So we have to be better of what we are doing.

Happy Aidilfitri 1432H to all Muslim readers and Happy Malaysian 54th Independence Day to all Malaysians.

Taqabballahu minna wa minkum!

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