Fight The Fear



Do you feel the fear?

Do you feel it’s coming?

Fight the fear.

Being fear is a natural feeling. Nobody could escape from it.

Sometimes I hate fear. Sometimes I love it. It likes you bring yourself to another dimension, fighting your own fear.

And one of the way to fight my own fear is by playing horror games.


..and the Mother of Reborn said: thou shall return to the wellspring of sin

I just finished Silent Hill 4 : The Room and currently downloading Silent Hill 5  : Homecoming through Rapidshare.

Besides Silent Hill series, I enjoyed Resident Evil series, a horror game, but more adventurous-style compared to Silent Hill series.

If you noticed, I had put some of the screenshots of Silent Hill 4 in one of my previous posts – “Play, Feel and Learn – Understand & Apply English“. I learn a lot of quotes, style of words and grammar through the games I played. Good for me, I believe.

I admit I’m such a coward boy when I’m still a kid. Always being protected and etc. I think it should be redeemed by fighting my own fear. I know about horror games from my friends and I think it’s a good medium for me to feel the fear.

Yeah, I feel the fear when playing the survival & psychological horror games. Silence, confusion, blood, lonely and other horror elements create another dimension of feeling. And sincerely, sometimes it brings confident to myself. More capable and brave, I guess.

Maybe other gamers playing horror games for fun, but I enjoy them to fight my own fear.

Wanna feel that feeling of fear? Come on, let’s take a try.

Death is not the biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive — the risk to be alive and express what we really are – Don Miguel Ruiz

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