Facing The Tests


Yes. Obviously. Absolutely.

Life is full of tests. And we can see a variety of them everyday – happen to ourselves and the others.

Some people cry and depressed. Some people calling for help. And some people stand and keep fighting.

It is about facing the tests.

I feel shocked and sad at the same time after knowing about my ex-classmate who had been diagnosed with Complex Partial Seizures a few weeks ago. It was in her Facebook’s wall post and yes, it is sometimes to sad to believe but as I always keep in mind – life is going on.

I still remember the day Anne told me about her condition and she had to go for operation (She had went through 2 operations and currently taking medicines). I felt very sad but it is not the time to feel depressed. We have to keep fighting. We are not fighting the fact, but we are fighting to accept the fact and fight the depression that could make us lose.

For a student, facing the tests is a normal and sometimes become a routine. However the tests in life are far more bigger than that. More effort, more controllable emotion and more challenging. There is no grades but there must be an ending.

Some tips from me on facing the tests:

  • Accept the facts
  • Don’t make yourself depressed
  • Control your emotion
  • Be patient
  • Fight and never surrender

Tests in life are reality so take the best way to face them. For my friend and whoever reads this, let’s hope and pray that we are able to face the tests in our life thus make us victorious in our life, here and there.

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